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Why You Should Compare Hair Transplant Procedures

If you are considering having a hair transplant done, you are about to step into a world which will make you more comfortable with the way that you look. There are reasons, however, why you should carefully consider the type of hair transplant procedure that is going to be done. After all, the procedure itself is going to create a permanent lock and this look can either be to your benefit or it can be something that you are going to hate for the rest of your life.

Many people are unfamiliar with the fact that they have different choices as far as the hair transplant procedure is concerned. In part, this is due to the fact that most hair transplant doctors that are using outdated procedures are not going to give you any indication that the methods that they are using are not up to date. The simple fact of the matter is, far too many of these surgeons are not fully dedicated to the hair transplantation procedure and many use techniques that are only suited to help them get the procedure done quickly so that it is more cost-effective and profitable for them.

Of course, these procedures that are used by many of the surgeons which are substandard were actually the mainstay of the Hair transplant Hair transplant</a> profession several decades ago. Things such as punch grafting and mini-micrografting are procedures that can permanently replace the hair in your head but they do so in a way that may not be what you expect to see when all is said and done. Some of them will leave you with the cornrow effect that was common several decades ago and there may also be problems with scarring (at times severe) in the donor area.

Only the latest techniques that are being used should ever be considered when you're going to have hair transplant surgery done. The one that will provide you with the most natural look, and one that you can be happy with is follicular unit transplantation. There are several differences between follicular unit transplantation and micro grafting which will show up in the mirror. These include the wound size, the graft size and even how the hair looks, due to follicular units being used. The hair grows in units, of anywhere from 1 to 4 hairs in a single unit. Follicular unit transplantation transplants the hair naturally, as it was meant to grow while micro grafting uses single-strand hairs, which gives you a less natural look.

These things should be discussed with your doctor before you ever sit in the chair to have hair transplant surgery done. You should also take the time to educate yourself on these various techniques so that you can understand what is being said when your doctor is talking to you. If you hear anything that you don't understand, you should ask the surgeon for clarification. If you're hearing something that isn't to your satisfaction, you are well within your right to choose a surgeon that uses the latest techniques that are available.


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